English curriculum for Pre-k from 3 to 4 years old :

In Pre-K the children will begin to have exposure to letters and sounds of the alphabet.

The children will be taught through flashcards, songs and hands on practical activities.

Children will also develop their gross and fine motor skills through pencil control activities and use of different arts and craft processes.

In Math, children will learn to identify numerals 1-10 and count objects to 10.

The children will also focus on patterns, shapes and look at comparisons in terms of size and opposites.

Children will also be given opportunities to explore scientific concepts through observations, using their five senses and investigating their surroundings.

In Pre-K there is a focus on developing good social skills through group work, sharing, using manners and following directions.


 Arabic curriculum for Pre-k from 3 to 4 years old :

At this stage, we try to build the children's  personality and introduce them to oneself and to the environment around them.

In addition to reinforcing self confidence through a curriculum that develops the child intellectually, physically, educationally and socially until one becomes able to explore, develop, and adapt to the surroundings and environment within the family atmosphere in school. The children should feel that school is their second home.

Their friends are their brothers and sisters, so they will be able to merge into the society easily, because school is the door for the child into the social life.

The curriculum for this age group aims to:

1- Teach the child most of the Arabic letters, reading pictures of words related to the curriculum and spelling words that have a right connection to the themes.

2- Enrich the child's vocabulary through purposeful stories and songs related to the themes being taught.

3- Giving the child a lot of experiences and practical concepts like geometrical shapes, types of lines, colors, and simple practical and scientific experiments that suit this age group.

4- Help the child memorize a number of Suras of the Qura'an, in addition to some Athkar, Dua'a and Hadeeth that implements the right ethics and values.
5- Introducing the child's five senses so he can be able to explore himself through multiple ways.

 6 - Discover the creative side of the child in the creative and artistic aspects in addition to working on developing this side of the child.

7- Developing the physical and motor skills through giving the morning exercise the right amount of attention.  

8- Focusing on the positive behavior and teaching the child discipline, cleanness, organization, keeping things in order and respecting others