School Fees :

  • Application Fee :  1000 AED  Registration fees non-refundable for new students only + 5% VAT.


  • Annual school fees : 24000 AED  Annual school fees paid in several installments, first in cash or bank transfer, pending fees paid in post-dated checks ( NO VAT ).
  • Books :- 500 AED  Books + 5% VAT

  • Health Care - 500 AED Health Care +5% VAT.

  • Uniform- 150 AED per one uniform set + 5% VAT .



  • Sibling Discount:

10% discount for the 2nd child.
20% discount for the 3rd child.


The fees are non-refundable for any reason even if the child is absent or out of town

The fees are refundable only under these conditions:

1-Before the beginning of school for staff and administration, without the registration fees.

2-In case we receive papers to prove that the child and his parents are leaving the UAE and their residency

is terminated or if the family is moving to another emirate where the amount returned will be calculated starting

from the date of the last day for the child.