English curriculum for KG1 from 4 to 5 years old  :

In KG1 the children will begin their learning journey through focusing on recognizing the large and small letters of the alphabet and begin to learn the phonic sounds of the alphabet. The children will develop their fine motor skills through pencil control activities and letter tracing.

The children will also begin to identify letters of their first names and write their names.


Children will be taught phonic sounds through songs, flashcards and practical activities.
In Math, children will read, write, and count numbers to 15.

They will also explore, matching, sorting and classifying objects activities.

Children will also learn to recognize shapes and patterns.

They will also learn simple addition and subtraction sums.
In science, they will explore different scientific concepts related to the theme that they will be studying.

The children will have opportunities to explore through observations, investigations and practical activities to develop their understanding of the concepts.




Arabic curriculum for KG1 :

Our vision for this age group ( 4 to 5 years):

To build the child's personality from the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, we aim to help the child to be able to rely on oneself when accomplishing any task, to be confident with one's skills and to be able to live and adapt with others in different environments.  

Our Curriculum: We offer for this age group an educational program that is up to date with all the modern development in the area using a distinctive and supported way and that is reflected in the application of the Montessori system using it's tools.
The importance of our curriculum lies within implementing the system of units that serves the events and occasions.

1- The Islamic education: 

We choose some verses from the Quran and Hadeeth that are related to the theme at hand. In addition, to learning a big number of short Suras from Juzu' Amma which the children will complete in Kg2. We also aim to implement the values and teachings of the Islamic religion in our children.

2- Arabic Language:
The right Arabic pronunciation, learning to read and write the letters, learning new words, songs and stories that will help enrich the child's vocabulary.

3- Math:
We help the child gain mathematical skills and operations, in addition to scientific concepts with the support of the Montessori sensory and mathematical tools and placing it within the curriculum.

4- Implementing the right ethics and values in the children ( Honesty, Respect, Apology, forgiveness, asking for permission

    and cooperation)