English curriculum for nursery :


At  our nursery  we count on learning through play, and experience; therefore we try to help the children discover themselves and their strengths in a way that interests them.Thus, we help them in improving their strengths in an effective way.Here at Rays of Light we try to develop the child’s different skills.Their scientific, artistic and social skills which helps the children in developing their personality.


One of the important things we like to emphasize, is the children's confidence in every task that they might face.

Through our educational curriculum we try to introduce different areas of education in our daily schedule, by specifying enough time for learning different aspects  Arabic.

There is a period for exploring the artistic side of the child, in addition, we have dedicated time for playing which helps the child improve their physical and social skills.

We also educate our children about our Islamic religion to put them on the right path.

Our curriculum depends on improving the different areas that our children can excel in.

We help in the development of the child’s emotional, social and personal growth in teaching them how to control their emotions, and make new friendships and connect with people around them.

We also aid the children in developing their motor and physical growth, through teaching them how to use different tools and objects surrounding them.

We also help them in adapting to a healthy lifestyle, and aid them to take care of their personal hygiene.

In addition, we help the child in language development by teaching him/ her how to listen to others, helping understand some topics and teaching them how to interact with each other. This interaction helps them develop their

vocabulary; in addition to the interaction reading stories for the children in both English and Arabic also helps the child in developing his/her vocabulary through new storybook.

And of course, the cognitive development is one of the most important aspects, therefore we help the children develop their cognitive skills through learning the Shapes, Letters, Colors and simple topics about everything surrounding them.

Last but not least, we introduce to our children small verses of Quran, in addition to easy Islamic topics to help the children understand our great religion.