English curriculum for KG2 from 5 to 6 years old:

Our KG2 curriculum has a strong academic focus to prepare our children to be able to transition smoothly into their next school. Our children go to a variety of different schools with different curriculums and are expected to be able to read and write in Arabic and English. We follow a theme-based curriculum with a hands-on, play-based approach to learning which focuses on:




We follow the Letters and Sound Phonics Scheme to enable children to begin the process of reading and writing. Children will learn to blend and segment words and learn high frequency words to support the progress of reading and writing. Children will be given reading books to bring home each week and are provided with opportunities to develop their language through role plays and writing activities.  



In mathematics, we look at the concept of number in various ways. The children will learn to recognise and count to 100, be able to understand how much a number represents, recognize number patterns and sequences, and will be taught the 4 mathematical operations.

They will also learn the concepts of money, time, measurements, fractions and shapes and statistics. Children will be taught through practical hands-on activities as well as worksheets and whiteboards. We link the learning of mathematics to the real world in a fun, interactive way.




In Science, the children will be able to explore different concepts through observation, investigation and practical activities. We study a variety of different theme-based topics such as plant growth, understanding body parts/functions, gravity and friction and all about space. The children have opportunities to conduct experiments, develop critical thinking skills and recognise that science is a part of our everyday lives.


History / Topic  

Our theme-based curriculum supports the teaching of historical events specifically to Islamic history. The children will learn about the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as well as other Prophets. They will have a deeper understanding of the UAE and its traditions, understand what life was like in the past and now and their role/purpose in the wider world. The children will develop their thinking skills through comparative activities.



In Art, the children produce artwork using different materials, methods, and textures. They will use different tools such as paintbrushes, sponges, and various cutting and pasting activities to develop their fine motor skills. Children will be involved in producing creative works of art and learn to express themselves through art and drawing.




Arabic curriculum for KG2 :

Our vision for this age group ( from 5 to 6 years):

A child who is independent, creative, talented, initiative, fulfilled, has self control, has capabilities, has a positive outlook on himself, and socially adaptive; in addition, speaks Arabic fluently, discusses openly and with self confidence.

Our Curriculum : Our nursery offers a thorough educational program in a contemporary and featured way that overcomes the complexity of the ideas conflicting with the principles of modern education.

In our Arabic curriculum, for this age group, the child will be able to learn the Arabic language and scientific subjects through an intellectual and sophisticated process with practical application of that, in the aim of developing perfect intellectual, scientific and linguistic skills; through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The importance of our curriculum lies in: 

1- Making the child understand and differentiate all the letters in Arabic through names, words, sentences, stories, and songs that are related to the surroundings and private world. Therefore, we have implemented the themes program which adheres and  serves all the events and stories the child is living at that time.
We have also worked on the sophistication of the artistic and aesthetic side, therefore each theme includes in-class activities and outdoors activities; in addition to the purposeful field trips where the child can explore, compare, conclude and link concepts.

2- Memorizing all of juzu' "Amma", in addition to enriching the child with a lot of Quran verses and Hadeeth related to the units. We also try to teach the child pronunciation and reading through lessons on the " Al Qaeda al Nouranya"

3- We try to help the child gain a lot of mathematical sciences, mathematical operations, and scientific concepts using the abacus method, snap cubes, Tangram, and origami that increases the power of concentration, accuracy of observation, creativity and imagination, self confidence, the speed of understanding and comprehending, and the speed of reading and analyzation.  

4 - We aim to implement the values and ethics in the children: Greeting, respect, apologizing, loving, cleanliness , proper speech, organization and order.